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Our Vision

Our vision is to give you the helping HAND you need to succeed. Our values are who we are, what we stand for and how we act. They form the culture at KANR and they  are at the heart of every service we deliver. 

We are the helping HAND you need because we are proud to say that we always remain honest, we maintain an adventurous spirit, we are neighbourly by nature and we pride ourselves on being a dependable team that delivers the best service to all our clients.

Our values are important to us and so are you. 


Alexandra Sodimu-Jones

Co- Founder

Alexandra started her career in the public relations industry, providing paralegal and company secretarial services to a British reputation management company headquartered in London. She then moved in to similar positions gaining experience in the financial services and retail sectors.

Alexandra became skilled in the provision of legal support within her professional and personal circles alike. Surprised with how inaccessible such support was to individuals and with a sincere passion to change that reality, Alexandra set about applying the principles she believed in; offering help to those in need; investing time in people and empowering individuals with a view to giving every one access to affordable legal support when they need it. 

Alexandra completed the Legal Practice Course specialising in joint ventures, intellectual property and commercial law before gaining a Masters Degree from the University of Law in International Legal Practice. She joined the National Association of Licensed Paralegals as a Fellow before co-founding KANR Legal in 2019. 

I believe everyone should have access to affordable legal support

Our Values




Honesty is an integral part of what we do. We believe that by delivering an honest service we give you the best service. We are open about the services we can provide and always transparent about any services we cannot provide. Part of delivering a great service means we are committed to connecting you to someone who can provide the services you need in situations where we cannot help.


Adventurous Spirit

We believe that in order to continually grow and improve it's important to encourage an adventurous spirit. We believe it's ok to try new things and sometimes make mistakes because that's one of the best ways to learn. We don't want to be complacent so we aim for more.  We embody adventurous spirit, we embrace creativity and we always ask ourselves what more we are capable of.



We are passionate about helping people. We believe that through being kind and hospitable we can create a more positive environment that benefits us all. We aim to deliver a high quality service whilst simultaneously maintaining a neighbourly relationship with each one of our clients.  



We pride ourselves on being a business you can depend on. Being dependable means you can trust us to deliver in all aspects of the service we provide. Building trust in the relationships we have with our clients is important to us. We understand that growing trustworthiness is a journey and we are committed to earning a reputation of being consistent and dependable. 

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